Frustration with city’s snow plowing

The sidewalk in front of my house was atrocious during the recent winter storm.

I have sent two emails to Altoona City Hall complaining of city trucks plowing snow across my sidewalk.

Many folks need to walk on the road because our city trucks place snow across many of our homeowners’ walkways.

I received a notice two weeks ago from an Altoona Code Officer that snow must be removed on my sidewalk or have an appropriate walkway path.

I sent an email to the code department indicating that the city snow plows place a lot of the snow back on my walk.

My question is: if our city plows put the snow on property owners’ walkways, shouldn’t plow drivers be responsible to remove that snow?

Both directions from my home, no one was able to shovel their walks due to low temps, frozen snow and snow plows that constantly place snow on walks.

I do feel since this is the main road to the former Logan Junior High, walkways should be kept clear.

Two years ago, I sent a similar letter to the code department complaining of the same issue. I was told snow plows clear the roads, and walkways will get covered with snow. Each time the snow plow goes by, the snow on my sidewalk piles higher.

Please note that I pay someone to clear my front and back walkways. Is it fair that I — the property owner — do this, and then city trucks plow snow back on the walks?

I have used ice melt several times.

We get a little more snow and my sidewalk is plowed over again.

Margaret Thatcher