Dems should direct criticism internally

Anyone who takes a critical look at the political situation in America today realizes that everything the Democrats, the media and the Obama Justice Department have been accusing and investigating President Donald Trump for they are guilty of themselves — times 10.

First, collusion with Russia. There has been zero evidence of the Trump campaign or administration colluding, but Hillary Clinton hit the reset button with the Russians.

Her campaign colluded with Russians through Fusion GPS on the faked dossier that started the entire investigation, her husband, Bill, took $500,000 speaking fees from Russia while Hillary was signing off on selling our uranium to Russia.

President Barack Obama was caught on a live microphone whispering to Medvedev that he would have more flexibility after the election. Flexibility to do what?

If they had Trump on tape making that statement, they’d have him executed by now.

Then they said Trump wouldn’t accept the outcome of the election. We all know who’s been fighting that for two and a half years. Dems claim it’s because Russia swayed the election. But there’s no evidence.

I’d be willing to bet my house if it could be definitively proved, that for every vote swayed to Trump by Russia, there were at least 50 fraudulent votes for Democrats, from illegal aliens voting, double voting and dead people voting.

Anyone notice in last year’s election how many Republican Senate and House candidates won their races on election night, but the Dems found enough votes afterward to flip the election to the Democrat? None flipped the other way.

Next they claim Trump is a tyrant and dictator, but the first thing dictators do is disarm the populace. Trump is a strong Second Amendment supporter. It’s the Dems that want to take your guns.

Next thing a dictator does is put government in control of everything — again, a tenet of the Dems. Trump is for the American people. Ever see a Democratic president refuse his salary?

A recent letter claimed Trump would refuse to give up power even after he is out of office. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Obama’s justice department and deep state bureaucrats have been fighting Trump since the day he was elected. If Hillary’s campaign, the Clinton Foundation, and the Obama justice department leadership were investigated for as long, as intensively, and as oppressively as anyone connected to Trump has been, they would never see the outside of a jail cell again.

Final point: They claim Trump isn’t moral enough. Well, Democratic presidents in my 69-year lifetime such as JFK and Bill Clinton were both proven, serial adulterers, and LBJ made racist remarks.

Jimmy Carter was very moral, but a terrible president, and the Dems treat an equally moral vice president, Mike Pence, like a loathsome being. Obama cruised the planet apologizing for America, telling audiences everywhere how evil we are because of our past, though we stopped two world wars and ended slavery through the Civil War.

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

Bill Marr