Altoona’s sidewalks need better clearance

I am writing about the city sidewalks, most notably the sidewalks on the 17th Street bridge, by the intersection at Irwin Financial, and all along 9th Avenue by the junior high and high school.

They are atrocious.

Students and pedestrians have to step onto the road and cannot access the sidewalks at all. They are frozen over with mounds of ice and snow.

This is extremely dangerous and puts our citizens in danger.

I have seen the sidewalks on many bridges in Altoona that are not salted or cleared. In fact, they are muddied/iced over by the street plowing.

I’m very thankful for the roads being cleared but not clearing the sidewalks and streets makes it even harder for those who have to walk to and from the schools.

This neglect impacts people and causes serious long term injuries if people fall. This needs to be addressed before someone is hurt.

I would like to see, at the very least, salted pathways. Many people walk, and I can’t even imagine what it would be like to try and use a wheelchair when sidewalks are this bad.

I realize that ice storms happen. However, there are ways to keep sidewalks cleared by pre-treating them, just like we de-ice the roads.

Emily Dimov-Gottshall