Trump doesn’t stand for conservatism

Recent letters to the Mirror, once again, have presented opinions as facts. That is merely an attempt to influence the uninformed populace with one’s political views.

It’s true that the government borrows from the Social Security Fund, but they always pay it back with time honored Treasury Notes, interest included. If the day ever comes when Treasury Notes and U.S. Savings Bonds are no longer valid, then we are in deep trouble.

Illegal immigrants cannot get welfare, food stamps, Medicaid or even Social Security.

Some rare exceptions may apply, such as a “qualified” alien being here under asylum or admitted for permanent residence.

There certainly are instances of fraud or bureaucratic mistakes that get around the regulations, and they need to be investigated.

And speaking of investigations, some of President Donald Trump’s most vocal apologists insist that the so-called witch hunt be stopped.

Thirty-three indictments and/or guilty pleas do not pass the smell test for a witch hunt. And although the liar-in-chief feels he is above the law, I trust our judicial system will say otherwise.

Instead of draining the swamp, Trump just pumped it into the West Wing and Oval Office.

True conservative values have vanished under this regime. The national debt has increased $2 trillion since his election, Republicans have no problems with paying porn stars and Playboy bunnies, and the North Korean dictator and former Russian KGB chief are revered by our president.

We’ve also seen a profusion of convicted criminals and incompetents pass through the revolving door on the West Wing.

While Trump bows down to autocrats and brutal dictators, he is completely ignorant of fact-based assessments from his own intelligence community.

His daily lies and endless assault on the Constitution’s amendments only serve to flatter the prejudices of his most ardent followers.

Michael Scarton