Obama set table for Trump success

An editorial in September by Clifford Johnson was full of misleading statements.

He started with Benghazi.

The reason for Benghazi’s failure was the federal government’s passage of Sequestra­tion under Republican control. This bill cut government spending, including security for our embassies.

Congressman Jason Chaffetz was asked why they cut funding for the embassies, and he said that they had other priorities.

The military is in charge of security for our embassies, and they made the decision to stand down and not send help.

Ambassador Stephens declined extra security because he told Hillary Clinton that he trusted the Lybian people and had a good relationship with them.

President Barack Obama is responsible for the good economy — 75 straight months of job creation into 2017. Unemploy­ment went from 10 percent to less than 5 percent under his watch.

The stock market went from 7,000 to 18,000 under his watch. He had six years of economic growth over 3 percent, some over 4 percent and one at 5.1 percent.

The coal companies’ troubles are caused by fracking, bringing about the cheap cost of natural gas. Even electric companies are converting from coal to gas.

Our country has produced more oil than Saudi Arabia for a few more years before President Donald Trump went into office.

As far as jobs are concerned, companies are now leaving for overseas because of Trump’s tariffs. Case in point, Carrier in Indiana and Harley-Davidson.

Trump is just riding on the coattails of Obama’s great economy.

Martin P. Baronner