Non-presidential election still vital

The article in the Dec. 29 Mirror showed the importance of voting in judicial elections.

In recent years, many voters of our state have elected judges who were committed to denying that the unborn child has any legal status in our courts.

According to this recent ruling, the mother has no responsibilities for the child in her uterus. The PA Supreme Court stated in its decision that unborn children are not people. Their interpretation of the law states that a fetus or unborn child is not a human person and thus has no civil rights.

If not a child, what is the little person in the uterus? It is difficult to see any changes at birth except that the infant is now visible and not hidden in their mother’s womb.

In this recent ruling, the mother who was taking multiple drugs during her pregnancy was not responsible for her newborn baby girl being drug-dependent and requiring a 19-day hospitalization for treatment.

Where were the voters who support conservative values, who stress the right to life for all persons from the time of conception to natural death and who claim to be pro-life Christians?

Our conservative voters, by sitting out these non-presidential year elections when most judges are elected, have allowed the election of these judges who deny that children in the mother’s womb are real persons.

Let us not allow this to continue by getting out to vote and supporting conservative candidates when judgeship positions in our Pennsylvania state courts are at stake, even though it may be a non-presidential election.

It is the only way to stop these decisions.

William J. Kirsch

Roaring Spring