Future moms need to be accountable

I often think what is wrong with people? Is there no common sense anymore?

I reference the article in the Dec. 29 Mirror titled “Court rules moms-to-be using drugs is not abuse.”

Really? You have a child that is at the mercy of his/her mother and she chooses — yes, chooses — to submit this poor helpless child to drugs and alcohol.

The courts say: ‘Oh, it’s not abuse; it is neglect.’

I just cannot comprehend the logic behind this. Attorney David S. Cohen stated this is a health issue. Dah!

It first becomes a choice for whatever reason to use drugs.

The poor baby/child does not get a choice.

I pray that God will bring common sense to our courts and the people. The moms-to-be need to be held accountable.

Martha Shiffler