Tomassetti leaves a positive legacy

I was very saddened earlier this year when Blair County Commissioner Terry Tomassetti announced he would not be running again.

Tomassetti has been often criticized for doing what many criticized former commissioners for not doing. Although many decisions he made spelled potential political suicide, he still did what was best for our county.

The decisions he was faced with were very difficult as they could hurt many in Blair County no matter which direction was chosen. What a hard position to be in, and yet he faced them head on.

How refreshing to have an elected official put our interests above his ability to be re-elected. I strongly feel that this made him even more re-electable which we saw in the last commissioners’ race.

We were lucky enough to see these same attributes in former commissioners Diane Melling and Donna Gority.

It will be hard to find another to fill his shoes, but I am excited to see the possible candidates.

Commissioner Tomassetti deserves credit for his great service to all of those in Blair County.

Cristi Lynne Waltz

East Freedom