Tomassetti did what was right

This article may surprise most people. I have been a very harsh critic of Terry Tomassetti, but he was right in all aspects.

The reassessment and courthouse repairs were needed to secure our future. While I see more than a few flaws in the reassessment method, and it cost me personally quite a bit, this commissioner was doing just what we voted him in office to do — governing on our behalf.

The decisions he made he owned, and was criticized relentlessly, by myself and many more citizens.

I am very sorry for my part of that criticism directed toward him. If all of our elected officials knew the difference between governing and playing politics, the result would be huge.

The city of Altoona, for example, would still be in Act 47. Yes, our taxes increased, but his decisions put Altoona on a firm financial footing.

Dave Servello Sr.