Progressivism cannot get lost

Political correctness is a scourge to our country.

It has pushed its way into every area of life from cartoons for children to even newspapers and selection for letters to the editor.

Conservative values are demonized, stifled or muzzled by the left using PC rhetoric — racist, homophobic, bigot, sexist, not appropriate or worse.

Progressives in the church say conservative values regarding political officials are out of line with “love thy neighbor” and “Jesus taught us to love and accept.”

People do not know where the roots of progressivism are nor do many desire to know — especially the PC. Full articles and LTEs are given to PC propaganda, but little or no exposure is given to conservatism.

I invite you to go to, check out the “Pastor’s Blog” and learn about “The Truth About Progressivism” and “Global Warming/Climate Change.”

Rev. John Geyer