Local concert leaves lasting impression

I attended “The Sunderman Memorial Concert Series” at Trinity Lutheran Church in Juniata on Sunday, Dec. 16, presented by Claude Fabinyi.

What a talented young man from Altoona, and one day he will be the most talented organist in the world. We will be so proud that we had a part in his history.

With Victoria at his side turning the pages of music to a full-house audience, he gave a little history of the composers and little idiosyncrasies of their lives and music.

It was a fun afternoon with the Christmas spirit everywhere.

We must be thankful to William Sunderman to have established the memorial concert series. What a talented man who was a researcher, doctor, inventor, author and engineer. He loved science, Madeira Wine (authored a book) and music (violin).

What an awesome man.

Concert highlights: “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” by George Wright and what a foot-tapping rhythm with every tempo imaginable.

“Prelude” from Advent: First Religious Suite for Organ” by Pietro Yon and the highbrow number, according to Claude, “Toccata” from Advent: First Religious Suite for Organ by Pietro Yon.

I loved this arrangement.

Yon was the first Vatican Organist, 1905-07, when he moved to New York. He was an organist at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral from 1927 to his death in 1943.

This was a Hallelujah afternoon.

Dorothy Lansberry