Hollidaysburg concert hits the right notes

I attended the concert presented by the Hollidaysburg Community Chorus, directed by Sandy Harteis, and the Children’s Community Chorus, conducted by Bonnie Ebersole.

Guest vocalists were Pastor John and Karen Godissart of Duncansville, serving a church in Hollidaysburg. What a delightful show with so many heart-warming moments and tons of Christmas spirit.

I will start with the children’s chorus, “What are you dreaming of?” with lyrics of “Silent Night” drifting in and out of the song with the children signing.

Choreography was simple with sunglasses, Christmas light necklaces and dance.

What a treat.

They had a dance/chorus line that could compete in a talent show with Santa Claus and candy canes to the tune of “What will Santa Say?” Guess what he said? “Merry Christmas.”

The best dancer was Karyl Ginter. The vocalist couple was extremely talented and a perfect blend of voices and well rehearsed. Best songs were “The Prayer” and “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” If you ever receive an opportunity to see this couple, run to the concert. You will be rewarded.

The soprano voices this year were outstanding and sounded like angels. What respect they have for their director and they go the extra mile.

The last number was “The Joy of Christmas is Christ,” and a perfect song to close the program. Bright and beautiful. Bravo.

I’m looking forward to the spring concert.

May McConnell