Elder-care programs should be supported

Froma Harrop’s recent commentary prompted me to reflect on the elder care that is provided every day in local nursing homes after in-home volunteer and family resources have been exhausted.

Because I volunteer at Garvey Manor, where my mother was a resident for two years, I recognize the home’s unsung heroes. They are the nursing assistants who provide daily, compassionate care with a smile, and the housekeeping staff who keep the environment spotlessly clean and fresh.

Their services are appreciated.

In a related matter, I heard a TV pundit refer to citizens’ use of federal programs/funds as “feeding from the public trough,” as if we should be ashamed of utilizing the services that our tax money has afforded us.

Rather, we should recognize and support funding of programs like Medical Assistance that are a source of support for 40 percent of the residents in nursing facilities nationwide.

Joyce Cunningham