Diocese’s mission is to save itself

Pinocchio has nothing on Bishop Mark Bartchak, Tony DeGol and the Altoona-Johnstown Diocese.

The claim that they are interested in helping the victims they sexually abused is a PR stunt. They responded only after two damning Pennsylvania grand jury reports and threats from federal prosecutors.

They speak with forked tongue.

On the one hand, they repeatedly publicly apologize. “We are so sorry about the victims.”

Behind the scenes, they lobby with their insurance company bedfellows to deny the victims justice.

Just this fall, the diocese used your money and their lawyers to squash the recent attempt to give victims a window of justice. They — like the rest of Roman Catholic leaders — have done absolutely nothing to reach out and help the victims.

I personally know many survivors. To this diocese and church, it’s as if these people don’t even exist. Fine examples of compassionate Christians.

The compensation to victims has been paltry and pathetic. A total of $15 million divided by 290 victims is roughly $54,000 per victim. Bartchak’s salary is more.

I appeared before its review board. Father Brady is a documented sexual predator who destroyed several children. The diocese’s excuse was that the abuse was my fault because I accepted alcohol from him.

The sexual pervert priest retired in good standing. My compensation was an angry apology and expulsion from the priesthood. I called the diocese last year for counseling. They never called back.

Spokesman DeGol is a mouthpiece of fake news and diocesan propaganda. There is no concern for justice for the victims. It’s all about saving its image and its church.

Because the statute of limitations has passed, the diocese refuses to make reparations to surviving victims whose lives have been ruined by their criminal priests and coward bishops.

These leaders are false Catholics dressed as priests and bishops. The only way to deter future abusers and get justice is to sue them into oblivion.

It’s time to dismantle this criminal enterprise masquerading as a church and restore justice.

John Nesbella

Nanty Glo