Diocese not being fully transparent

The Mirror’s Dec. 22 editorial inaccurately refers to the Luddy case as a 1999 case.

This error was obviously due to the fact that Bishop Mark Bartchak, in his published statement, incorrectly used this date.

The Hutchison vs. Luddy, Bishop Hogan, Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown, case was filed by me as counsel for Michael Hutchison in 1987. The 11-week trial started on Jan. 31, 1994.

The benefit of the bishop starting the calculation of costs incurred for protecting and enabling child predators in 1999 is obviously to skew the pay-out numbers.

The diocese spent a great deal of money defending a vicious serial child molester during the 12 years that are not accounted for by the diocese.

So much for transparency.

Richard M. Serbin