At holiday time, don’t forget your trash hauler

It’s the time of year that we remember those who help us during the year.

And so we give gifts to our milkman, our newspaper carrier, the person who cuts our hair and so on.

Often overlooked are the people that we can’t do without: our trash collectors. These hard working individuals are on the job regardless of the weather. Heat, snow, sleet and rain — they are there for us.

As John Godissart pointed out recently, NFL players make millions a year and we love to watch them play, but between the two, who is more valuable to you?

Gift cards from Sheetz, grocery stores and cash, of course, are appropriate gifts.

There are generally three men to a truck. If you aren’t able to catch them as they go by, call your hauler’s office and send your gifts there.

They deserve your appreciation and thanks.

Tom Reese