American can take lesson from Israel

I have watched as illegal citizens of other countries attempt to invade ours at open boarders and the government does nothing but argue over it.

Israel had the same problem. People flooded their country illegally. Many were not very good people and caused a lot of problems for the Israeli government.

They built a wall to keep them out, and the influx of illegals dropped 99.9 percent. Last year they had one illegal get into the country, and he was sent back to where he came from.

Why is there such a controversy over what seemingly is the right path of the government? We are getting criminals in our country illegally, and politicians applaud them.

They apparently want them to become part of the party in contention. To me, that’s a sure walk toward a dictatorship. Every socialistic democracy formed in other countries have turned to dictatorships.

It’s a way for a faction to grab control of a country. An illegal killed three innocent men in the city.

We need that wall. The Israelis have proven the wall works. Get politics out of it and build the wall or the illegal aliens will destroy this country.

They tried in Israel.

William Snyder Jr.