Trump has caused division in our nation

President Trump is a misogynistic, xenophobic, pathological liar and a bully who is such an incompetent president that he terrifies me.

He is a liar who continually distorts reality to make himself look good. His administration is a disaster.

The number of personnel who were fired or who quit in disgust at Trump’s incompetent leadership is astounding. Like a child, he continually calls people who disagree with him disparaging names.

He is so immature, he cannot tolerate anyone who questions his actions.

He despises the press since reporters ask questions that make him uncomfortable.

He doesn’t comprehend the role of the media, which does a great service by enlightening the public of national and world news.

Of course, the press must and will write about the many foolish and dangerous actions of the president.

The nation is very divided. I blame Trump for much of this division.

He is very combative and encourages violent behavior by people who see him as a great leader. I wonder what disastrous actions he will take before he is no longer president.

I live in fear until he is gone.

Rita Faudi