Joyce’s courage following footsteps

Seventy-four years ago last week, our father suffered severe wounds on the front line while serving his country during World War II.

On the anniversary of his injury, my sister happened to come across a letter among family papers that he wrote home from a hospital, just four months after this injury occurred.

My father was willing (like so many others) to risk his life to fight for and protect our freedom.

Last week also, my brother, John Joyce, risked much as he took on the journey to become our congressman in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Those who know John felt confident in sending him, his ethics and his skill set to represent all of us in Washington.

Not being a career politician, he risked much in making this career-changing journey. But, like his father and his mother, John has lived his life as a believer in servant leadership.

The optimism my father possessed while hospitalized then, as well as numerous times when he dealt with other challenges during different stages of his life, is the exact same optimism I see in my brother as he prepares to be our voice in Washington.

As Veteran’s Day passes, I will show respect and immense gratitude to my father, my father-in-law, my uncles and the many thousands other men and women veterans who have so bravely given up much and have served to protect our country.

I know that Congressman-elect John Joyce will fight to ensure that our veterans are not forgotten and are protected by our country.

Bernard A. Joyce