Foreman restores Republican unity

Although he was not on the Nov. 6 ballot, I would like to congratulate Blair County Republican chairperson Jim Foreman for his stellar performance.

Foreman’s positive brand of leadership, along with his ceaseless work, has noticeably strengthened our party.

He envisioned the well-attended Red Rally Breakfast on the eve of the election, which brought every Republican candidate on the ballot to Blair County. The atmosphere was rousing, and Foreman’s efforts were recognized in an impressive video message from RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel.

Although Lou Barletta and Scott Wagner/Jeff Bartos were not elected, voters in Blair County came to the polls in record numbers (56 percent on Nov. 6 compared to 37.4 four years ago) and supported each Republican on the ballot by no less than a near 3 to 1 margin.

Four years ago, our support of our incumbent Republican governor was not nearly as strong.

This proves that Foreman has helped restore unity to our local party again. I remember speaking with him soon after he was first elected as a committeeperson in our precinct, and he joked about whether there was anything more he needed to do.

He never anticipated becoming the party chairman, but he stepped up to the task when he was needed and did so in an honorable fashion.

I told him after the election that he should be proud of what he has accomplished in such short a time, and he responded, “No, we should be proud.”

That’s a perspective that we have needed from our chair for a long time.

Michael P. Routch