Endorsing idea of traffic study

This is in response to your column of Oct. 7 entitled, “Upcoming traffic study will help Altoona.”

I agree with your headline. However, I feel obliged to share some concerns especially regarding one-way streets.

During my 47 years in Altoona, I served more than 30 years on various transportation committees starting with the Chamber of Commerce on to the Commonwealth Transportation Citizens Advisory Board and a number in between.

Separate from that, I logged in over 3,000,000 miles throughout a four-state territory. I have made several car trips through New York City.

I have not seen it all yet, as I have heard others boast they have. And that is why I support the idea of the study.

But as a caution and reminder for some, the key benefit of one-way travel lanes is the reduced incidents of traffic accidents. Opposing traffic is most susceptible to head-on collision type accidents.

Another plus to one-way patterns is the more efficient use of narrow streets providing in many cases for more parking along the route.

At this time, my observations show many deficient signage problems. I confess that I deliberately drive various routes weekly just looking for such items of concern.

This is a challenging and also fun way to gather that information for the city without adding expense to the city’s finances.

My intent is not to make this complicated, but rather to get more people thinking about these concerns.

Jan Mills Sr.