We lemmings must start working together

We are all lemmings.

What kind are you? Are you the rebel, long-hair, ponytailed smoking Harley rider or the politically correct man who defers to everyone?

Are you the tattooed beauty who got in line for one because it made you unique, or the nose-ringed tattooed teen who yearns to be different?

What about the pot-smoking, opioid-using, ecstasy-seeking rebel who follows the crowd because we all do it, or the full time, angry Trump supporter who believes everyone needs to be told how to live?

Or the leftist Trump hater who believes nothing he says, and tells everyone how to live?

Are you the lemming who supported Brett Kavanaugh or the lemming who did not?

What kind of lemming are you? Do you stop and think and evaluate, or do you knee jerk your response based on who says it? Are you the lemming who tells everyone how to live or the lemming who thinks no one should tell you how to live?

What happens to lemmings? They run to the cliff or to the sea and die. Which lemmings should run the country — yours or mine?

It is time to stop being lemmings and do what’s right. Learn the facts, seek the truth, find a way to mix our lemmings together to move us forward with purpose and ideals of what America is.

It always has been a beacon of hope and leadership. Now I think Lady Liberty has no lemmings to follow her.

We are all lemmings.

Stephen LoRusso