Wagner would help state’s financial shape

The CATO Institute recently published the 2018 Fiscal Policy Report Card For Governors, and Gov. Tom Wolf received an “F.”

This isn’t surprising to anyone following the yearly budget insanity.

Recent federal tax cuts encouraged businesses to invest by allowing them to fully deduct new purchases. Wolf’s Department of Revenue passed a rule denying our companies this benefit. Why? The other 49 states got a huge leg up on us.

How can Pennsylvania businesses grow when our governor is handicapping them? Pennsylvania lags in job growth and has above average unemployment rates.

Candidate Wolf sounds like a wonderful guy. Gov. Wolf’s proven to be nothing like Wolf the candidate.

I guess that’s why he only agreed to one debate: He knows his record doesn’t hold up to scrutiny.

Pennsylvania needs to vote for Scott Wagner so we can start growing again. We can’t afford another four years of falling behind other states.

Rhonda Holland