Wagner record supports NRA

There is only one crystal clear choice on Nov. 6 for which gubernatorial candidate will support Pennsylvania’s Second Amendment rights.

The National Rifle Association has given Scott Wagner an “A” rating. Tom Wolf has received an abysmal “F” rating. The F rating is the very lowest grade the NRA has to offer a candidate.

Wolf has received the endorsement of CeaseFirePA, a leading gun control group in our state. The endorsement and details of their gun control agenda can be viewed on their website, ceasefirepa.org.

CeaseFire is an advocate of magazine limits and the usual, relentless gun control agenda. In today’s volatile political climate it is imperative that we protect our 2nd Amendment rights.

For the sake of freedom and preserving our constitutional rights, please don’t sit out this election season.

Brad W. Maines


Blair County Friends of NRA