Wagner checks right boxes for governor

Why should you give such serious consideration to voting for Republican Scott Wagner for governor of Pennsylvania?

Here are some of the reasons: 1. He is 100 percent a pro-life candidate. 2. He is committed to the Second Amendment. 3. He voted to eliminate school taxes. 4. President Donald Trump has endorsed and campaigned for him.

Let’s consider that you voted for Trump in the last election. He has tried in every way to accomplish the many goals he has set.

However, he has met great, great opposition on many fronts.

There are many visions he has set for down the road. Why cast your ballot in support of political groups that have vowed, no matter what, to oppose him?

It is akin to casting your ballot of 2016 in vain. From top to bottom, let’s help him keep the support he needs.

Suzanne K. Johnson