Logan Township must police speeding better

After several years of calling the Logan Township Police Department to have something done about speeding and failures to stop at stop signs, I have come to the conclusion that the township just doesn’t care.

I recently contacted the LTPD again and was told they would enforce traffic laws during their routine tours of the area. When would these regular tours be?

Better yet, it wasn’t even the police chief that got back to me. We have all heard their excuses for not being able to enforce the laws — not enough officers, they would have to raise our taxes, no place to set up and so on.

The people of the Township need to call the LTPD or email them and insist that something be done. It will be too late when someone gets injured or killed.

I am asking all township residents to call the township and keep calling until they take this issue seriously.

Our last chief of police at least made an effort.

Edward Wojcik