Candidates’ absence is disappointing

On Oct. 16 at 7 p.m., Indivisible Blair County and the Blair County Tea Party co-sponsored a candidate forum.

The forum was held for the 13th Congressional District, currently and 80th State Representative District.

The two candidates for the 13th Congressional seat are Democrat Brent Ottaway and Republican John Joyce.

The other scheduled forum is between Democrat Laura Burke and Republican Jim Gregory. Both forums were conducted on the same evening. Joyce did not respond to the invitation, and Gregory declined the invitation to attend.

The forums are essentially a job interview. The people in this area get the opportunity to see the tenor and tone of the candidates under the pressure of a debate with another candidate whose ideas and values are different than theirs.

If these candidates decide not to attend because these forums are unimportant to them, perhaps this is an indication of how they will treat their constituents in office.

And maybe we should ignore them.

Dave Neal