Barletta takes stand vs. sanctuary cities

Republican Lou Barletta is challenging Democrat Sen. Bob Casey for the U.S. Senate seat on Nov. 6.

Congressman Barletta has long opposed dangerous sanctuary cities.

In contrast, Casey supports sanctuaries. He voted against Sen. Pat Toomey’s efforts to crack down on them, plus he has campaigned and fundraised with pro-sanctuary groups and with Kamala Harris, who promotes abolishing the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

The Pennsylvania Republican Party says, “Casey is catering to his radical left party bosses and liberal donor base.”

In the immigration debate, polls reveal 80 percent of voters oppose sanctuaries, whether they are cities, counties, municipalities or states.

Put simply, these areas have a law, ordinance, policy, practice or rule that deliberately obstructs immigration enforcement, restricts interaction with federal immigration agencies or shields illegal aliens from detection.

Barletta introduced a bill in the U.S. House this year to prohibit sanctuary jurisdictions from receiving federal funds.

Dotty Noble

Frankstown Township