Real hoax is Mirror’s view on climate change

The Mirror’s editorial on the Aug. 9 Opinion page talks of the decline of wildfires around the world and in the U.S., and the author attempts to make a case that the decline is proof that climate change is a hoax.

He blames junk science and political correctness as co-contributors to the false claim of climate change.

As a former resident of Lake County, California, for 20 years in the late 1900s, during which time we had no major fires in the county, I can attest to the fact that the incredible destruction by fire in that county over the last four years, including the Mendocino fire this year, which is the largest fire ever recorded in California history, is most certainly a change from the norm.

And I seriously doubt that the people who have lost homes and family members to these catastrophic events are in denial that something is disrupting nature to cause these fires.

I am also agog that the author would disrespect the scientists who have spent their entire careers studying the effect of burning hydrocarbons on our earth, by labeling their conclusions as junk science.

In my opinion, the only junk coming from this editorial is coming from the mind of its author.

John Phillips