Mirror got it wrong about Trump hats

I’m addressing the issue of fake news printed by the news media about our president, Donald Trump.

In mid-August, the Mirror printed a very lengthy letter to the editor, I am paraphrasing, how great they were at reporting facts and in being fair. They try in every example to make sure articles are correct.

The letter should have been printed in the comics.

I challenge anyone, including the Mirror, to rebuke my letter with facts.

On Sept. 1, the Mirror printed a letter from George Dempsie titled “Trump should practice what he preaches.”

Dempsie’s letter was written as fact and not opinion.

Dempsie stated that the flags and MAGA hats are produced by the same company in China. Dempsie’s statement is 100 percent fake news. The fact is Trump, the Republican party, and the Trump organization have stated that all hats, flags etc., are made in U.S.A.

They have produced many documents to back up their words.

MAGA hats are made by Cali-Fame of Los Angeles Inc. All material is supplied by Carr Textile of Fenton, Mississippi, a material called Saxtwill. Two employees from Cali-Fame stated the material is being imported and not made in the U.S.A.

The Associated Press, which Mirror uses on a regular basis, spent countless hours investigating the claims and concluded: “Even as the Trump campaign strives to provide made in USA hats, unofficial knockoff hats are made in China and are not endorsed by President Trump or his campaign.”

Dempsie stated, “The president is having them produced before his own tariffs take effect, and he would be penalized by them and what I am sharing is not fake news.”

Anyone with common sense would have to believe that his statement is true and correct. Again, the Mirror printed fake news.

Tariffs have been on clothing since 1930 under the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act. Under Trump, he did not add any additional tariffs on textiles.

Articles written by the New York Times, Huffington Post and The Associated Press, all criticized Trump for not putting tariffs on textile, saying it was because his daughter Ivanka’s clothing company imports textiles from China.

Beyond any doubt and supported facts, Trump does not buy hats, flags, etc. from China and could not be penalized in any manner.

In closing, I want everyone to think how sad it is for all people when the news media, and the Mirror, print letters of fact from anyone that are not true.

Without question, Dempsie’s letter was not an opinion. In less than one minute, the Mirror could have fact checked Dempsie’s letter and should have never printed his bias and unfactual letter.

Years ago, I wrote a letter that was extremely negative against Senator Jubelirer. The Mirror at the time, without bias, called me and wanted to know where I acquired the information.

After I told them, they printed my letter word for word. I am hoping the Mirror and all news media go back to the days of old and check facts.

In general, America would be a much better place to live if the media would be more responsible for what they print and stop printing fake news as they did with Dempsie’s letter.

Perry Lukens