Immigration facts cannot be ignored

In her column on Aug. 26, Connie Schultz ignored the facts of illegal immigration.

I, like most all Americans, am an immigrant — legal. Aside from all the killings and many other crimes done by these illegals, the facts are we are supposedly a country of laws.

I have always felt that America is advanced citizenship. In America, we have one in five children going to bed hungry every night. I could go on.

Our unfunded and already overpromised national debt is closer to $121 trillion, not the

$21 trillion we hear about.

Even most legal immigrants can’t speak English, and we as a country can’t even agree on a common language.

I also assure you when it comes time to integrate the legal immigrants they won’t be sending them into Connie Schultz’s neighborhood.

They almost always end up in the poorest of communities with already overburdened infrastructures and schools, with promises of federal help that never materializes, and we can’t afford.

Come on, America: Stand up for secure borders and an immigration system that benefits not only the people coming in, but to America also.

Jim Moore