Cambria County silencing seniors

CamTran cut bus services that directly affect senior citizens, eliminating thousands of trips to neighboring counties.

We’ve voiced complaints to the Cambria County commissioners, CamTran and its drivers, and everyone is passing the buck.

A petition was started in the local senior centers to voice our frustration over CamTran cutting these shared rides, but, within days, the senior center directors were ordered to destroy the petition and stop seniors from circulating the petition in the centers.

They told us “no political petitions are allowed inside the senior centers,” but this isn’t a political petition. This is a policy petition.

I’d like to remind county officials that the senior centers and public transit are paid for by the people/taxpayers, and we have a right to voice our concerns and demand answers from our public officials.

Many people in my generation have lost their lives fighting for freedom of speech and the right to protest or challenge government’s decisions. County officials should be disgraced for trying to silence the voices of seniors.

We need to let our voices be heard by attending the next commissioners meeting Sept. 13 at 10 a.m. inside the courthouse in Ebensburg.

It’s time for we seniors to prove we still have fight left in us.

JoAnn Fischer