Wagner has better pro-life profile

Elections will soon be upon us.

This November we will be voting for a governor among other positions.

The last presidential election showed a great turnout for the conservative platform, but will we see this again for the governor election?

Time will tell, but here are some things to think about in the weeks preceding the election about the governor’s race.

Gov. Tom Wolf is very cozy with Planned Parenthood, which is a major and main provider of abortion of pre-born children. If you check his record,you will find he is a favorite of this as well as other special interest groups.

At the prompting of Planned Parenthood, he has threatened to veto what would make abortions on the basis of a Down syndrome diagnosis illegal.

Scott Wagner is 100 percent pro-life and has co-sponsored every prolife bill during his entire tenure in the State Senate. Will you vote for life?

Rev. John Geyer

Clear Creek Church