Religion compromise reasoning, intellect

With the word God used to define the purest meaning of benevolence, goodwill and peace, I thank him/her for strengthening the admirable attributes of wisdom, patience, perseverance and courage that’s guiding those seeking truth, justice and healing for those sexually abused as children by priests in the Catholic church.

Admirable attributes are among desirable and honorable character traits of humanity, and we, as ordinary citizens, must reference them and not religious doctrine for spiritual guidance.

Regretful of the need, but grateful for the truth the news media has provided, the public has been informed that many in authority and trusted leadership positions had weakened to the mandates of the Catholic religion to cover up the crimes of sexual abuse.

Religious indoctrination is a powerful brain altering tactic that can impair or alter reasoning, intellect and judgment.

That is why I question the actions of members of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court for granting a stay on releasing the grand jury investigative report on the crimes and systematic cover up of the sexual abuse of children.

Judges’ judgement, too, may be impaired or compromised. Why else modify or obstruct the path to truth and justice?

A related thought is the need to provide opportunities to engage the public in discussing the differences between religion and spirituality.

Understanding of differences is needed to promote public health and well-being and is significantly important in making real changes to protect children from being groomed for sexual abuse.

Etta Albright