Moderate Democrats are a dying breed

Decades ago, President Bill Clinton stated that abortions should be “safe, legal, and rare.”

Democrats, like Sen. Barack Obama, advocated for stronger border control with Sen. Hillary Clinton in 2006 advocating for a wall on the border with Mexico. (Sound familiar?)

The Democratic Party never shifted its support of Israel. President John F. Kennedy was a strong advocate of slicing taxes for economic growth and was even a lifelong NRA member up until his assassination.

Now, compare that to the party’s thrust to the left over the last decade: Abortions should be as accessible as sliced bread, enforcing U.S. immigration laws is a humanitarian crisis, Hamas-led Palestine is in perpetual victimhood, and the NRA is America’s enemy.

Not only did these stances change but socialism is now romanticized. Instead of individual freedom, politicians like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Cortez want the government to handle your college and health care.

If moderate Democrats do not stand up against their party’s radical drift to the left, the party once known for being the bastion of the blue collar will be inevitably rebranded as the bane of the successful.

Bryce Dunio