Lowry taking on ‘fabricated enemy’

The following is in response to a July 17 column in the Mirror by Rich Lowry, “Supreme Court’s power is dangerous.”

Lowry comes from the right wing National Review magazine, which has never been known for campaigning the human rights of the oppressed in this country.

Lowry contends that the left now is opposed to the Supreme Court, but historically speaking, they have supported the court’s decisions.

In reality, the left that Lowry and his right wing cohorts denigrate is not even the real left. They wage war against a fabricated enemy.

The real left in this country always considered the Supreme Court to be an anti-Democratic defender of the racist status quo.

Concerning civil rights, the court did rule in Brown vs. the Board of Education that the notion of “separate but equal” was unconstitutional. This opened the door to integration.

The court arrived at this decision due to a growing civil rights movement.

Also, the existence of the Soviet Union, and the ideological war with it, forced many to realize that apartheid-like conditions here made it difficult to claim that the U.S. was the bastion of freedom.

Today, with Donald Trump in the White House and the collapse of the Soviet Union, the court is moving in a reactionary direction.

The recent ruling on the Janus was a definite stab at the rights of labor.

Conservatives cheered this decision, but they see an imaginary tyranny anytime that the court rules, due to a mass movement in favor of human rights.

Nick Brisini

Glen Campbell