It’s time for Catholics to stand up to Vatican

Once again, Catholics were presented with a letter by their bishop telling us that we just have to move on and that he will lead the way.

As a society, we have determined that those involved with a crime are equally responsible. If your friends rob a bank, and you are the getaway driver, you robbed a bank. If someone was killed during the robbery, you, too, are guilty of murder.

The latest child abuse reports and recent revelations of Cardinal McCarrick are finally revealing what the problem has been: a sexually active perverted priesthood directed and led by sexually active bishops or bishops who were directly involved in covering up the crimes.

Our bishop is as guilty as the men whose rapes he concealed.

We are now unveiling all of the bishops and cardinals who have been involved with this — McCarrick, Wuerl, Bartchak, Dolan and Cistone just to name a few.

Like Adamec and the bishops before them, they show no remorse.

These men who have exhibited such low moral values and evil deeds still think they can lead the faithful. They don’t even admit or see they have done something terribly wrong.

So just like before, the bishops will now command their priests to help them hide the truth. We will spend the laity’s hard-earned money to publish letters and deliver sermons to once again try and hide our perverted church leadership.

It’s time to stand up and demand from the Vatican the removal of every bishop who had any hand in this cover-up either before or after they were ordained.

Bishop Mark asked us to be salt. He is salt in the wounds of the Body of Christ and particularly every victim whose cry he has ignored.

George A. Foster