Higgins case shows sea of corruption

The orchestration by all involved in that plea bargain for that crooked district attorney in Bedford County, Bill Higgins, was a sham.

Thirty-one misdemeanors and no felonies with no jail time?

Additions and/or mental health problems never excused anyone else from jail time. I guess it all depends on who you know and which side of the corruption you’re on whether you get a deal like that or not.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro should resign his now-questionable position as attorney general and take some of his crooked deputy assistants with him.

Also on the resignation list should be Bedford County President Judge Thomas Ling, who approved and accepted this (slap on the ankle) farce for Higgins.

As citizens of this state and country, we’re sick, tired and disgusted with the gross abuse of power and the flagrant misuse of the rule of law displayed by those in power.

Higgins had no problem prosecuting and convicting others and sending them to jail. But when caught in the net himself, Higgins stated that he trusted the system would work for him.

Funny, he must have known from the start that the fix was in for him. Why worry?

This only proves, once again, that there’s two different sets of rules/guidelines — one for those in power, the other for the rest of us.

Robert E. Carroll