County landowners’ tax burden doesn’t end

Blair County Commissioner Terry Tomassetti’s letter to the editor was impressive.

He is obviously a very smart man and wise on ways to state things politically to demonstrate concern for people of the county.

He encourages Blair County landowners to appeal overassessed property values in response to an article addressing the municipalities and school district reassessing under-assessed properties.

Does he need reminded that, when school districts and municipalities reassess, they will use taxpayer money to do so?

The school districts and municipalities have nothing to lose except possible income from the underassessed property due to using tax money.

Our home was assessed higher than the market price, but I don’t have the time or money to fight it.

Most people I spoke to who fought reassessment values at a cost of $3,000 to $5,000 did not win. Those who won received a modest reduction in real estate taxes.

The Blair County landowner must pay for the assessment, attorney and court costs. If I were to win my case and have my taxes reduced a few hundred dollars, how long until I recoup my costs?

If I cannot sell my house for the assessed value done by the county, will taxpayers get compensated for the overpayment in tax revenue? I think not.

The taxpayers are very limited in their plea to have reassessments reflect correct values of their property. The attitudes and defensive stance of the county commissioners only adds to my aggravation of the process.

Perhaps with Tomassetti feeling so empathetic with Blair County landowners, he could pay for my reassessment battle.

I like many other taxpayers are sick of being hit with ever-increasing taxes with no consideration for how it affects our lives. And I am lucky enough to have been directed to replace my sewer lines, which has destroyed my home and city.

I think everyone in Hollidaysburg should get reduced assessments due to the destruction of our once beautiful city.

Dennis Dombrosky