Catholics must work for change

As a Catholic, this recent wave of sexual misconduct is too much to carry.

All the years of being told how to live my life is now nothing but hypocrisy. Like the reformation with Martin Luther, who preached the doctrine of justification by faith rather than by works and railed against the sale of indulgences and papal authority, we Catholics need to demand a change as equally radical and crippling as the reformation.

Let the priests marry and put women on the pulpit. We have all thought about this for years. Now is the time for these changes.

Those two Catholic ideas are only of an ancient cultural belief and not found in the Scriptures and not of God, but look at the path man has brought us down.

It may not fix all the sexual corruption and the shortage of priests, but it will eliminate enough for those of us thinking of leaving the faith to stay.

Catholics unite. Save your church. Power to God’s people. Let our voices be heard.

John M. Snyder