Black misguided over kids’ separation

This is in response to an article which appeared in the Mirror on July 30, entitled “Trump not to blame for kids’ separation.”

Barbara Black, who wrote the article, appeared to be OK with the fact that these kids were separated from their parents by President Donald Trump because they probably committed a crime for illegal entry into our country.

Then she goes on to justify her opinion by saying that, if she commits a crime and goes to jail, she will be separated from her kids.

This is probably true, but, in that case, she and her kids will most likely be in the same state. Her kids will know where she is, and they will be able to see her — an option that these poor kids from Latin America do not have.

Perhaps, instead of her praying for Elizabeth Shade, she should pray for herself and ask God to give her the ability to recognize evil when she sees it.

Gary Roesch