AASD ‘railroading’ its taxpayers

The Altoona Area school board has really outdone itself with its spending. They have taken the notion that this is a railroad town to heart because they think that we the taxpayers are the money train, and they have all jumped on board.

No sooner did the Mirror report that they were seeking $48,000 to purchase an unnecessary sign, now we get hit with an additional $300,000 bill for further repairs to the A building.

They are making these decisions with not one single pretense of caring about what we, the taxpayers, think or want.

The five yes votes have all got their greedy paws in our pockets and are grabbing as much as they can as fast as they can because they know they are short-timers who won’t be re-elected when their terms are up.

We, the citizens of this town, need to give notice that the train is off the tracks, and they are not traveling on our dime any longer.

Ronda Wininger