With Trump, careful what you wish for

As most government data reports, the tax cuts have dramatically increased the deficit and the growth in the economy is being driven by government borrowing, rather than the tax cuts alone.

Additionally, the average tax cut I can donate to the National Education Association averages $17 a month. Less than $200 a year. And since this is an average, it means that those at the top have gotten the greatest benefit, and those at the lower ends the least.

Republicans who argued about the size of the deficit during the Barack Obama years now have created a huge deficit and seem to not say much. Except that the only way to bring it under control is to cut Medicare and Medicaid, since they are the primary drivers of government spending.

So if you choose to, you can see that the tax cuts were another way to cut these programs. Rather than address how best to improve the efficiency of these programs, cutting seems to be the only way to go.

I suspect that most are our parents, grandparents and children — many taking advantage of the programs to overcome drug addiction fueled by corporations in search of profit. So cutting these programs cuts any treatment options for the millions currently addicted.

President Donald Trump is giving many conservatives what they want — a voice to vent their anger at a changing America, a conservative court with which to reduce the freedoms that many of us have earned in the face of a corporate dominated world.

He’s helping to destroy unions that have led to improvements in the lives of so many. In my mind, unions helped create the middle class, and now you can expect lower wages, fewer benefits, higher health care costs and reduced safety concerns.

Trump likes dictators because he, too, wants to be a dictator. Like most dictators, lying is front and center of what they do. Making sure that people live in a constant state of fear, that only he can save them from, is what they do. Does anyone doubt this is his approach?

Sure, immigration should be legal immigration. But illegal immigration continues to decline over time. Does he ever really say that? Government statistics bear out that there has been a decrease over time, not the increase he says.

Our allies have shafted us, according to Trump, so we punish them with tariffs. Yes we put tariffs on China, but we will waver on them before we do with Canada. So does anyone know how many jobs have been created and lost as a result of tariffs? Who has the facts? Who do you trust?

I am not going to address the risk Trump places on the planet. The sheer arrogance of man relative to the planet is shockingly scary to me.

Be careful what you wish for.

Stephen Michael LoRusso