Where’s humanity in Trump’s actions?

Beginning in April, the Trump administration has forcibly separated over 2,300 immigrant children from their parents.

They have no plan in place to reunite these children with their parents.

The children were shipped, mostly under cover of darkness, to centers all over the country. For whatever reason, the Trump administration will not say where the women, toddlers and infants are being kept.

There have been reports of some 10 year olds being kept in cages, screaming for their parents, who are also in cages.

Trump has sent judge advocate general officers to help prosecute these illegal immigrant cases. Using military personnel for such things is believed to be, if not illegal, highly unethical.

Where is the humanity, the empathy? These immigrants are human beings. These actions of Trump should be considered crimes against humanity. Or will that wait until these children start to die?

The cartoon of Trump in the Mirror throwing a roll of paper towels to a young boy in a cage, crying his eyes out, was worth a million words. And he is doing all of this just so he can have a wall.

Again, I ask the question: Why is he still in the White House?

Elizabeth Shade