Republicans will miss work of Kaneshiki

Let’s read a bit of information to help level the playing field, shall we?

Who, upon accepting the office of chair of the Blair County Republican Party, discovered their rented office to be two months in arrears in rent and facing a $750 fine from the state party.

Who, with frugal planning, was able to supply yard signs for the local party when, for the first time, no support funding came from the state or RNC?

Who, by selling hats and various memorabilia, earned funds to maintain the office?

Who recruited hundreds of individuals to man the local office for 25 to 30 hours a week in order to deal with the interest in the national election of 2016?

Who hosted several dinners and forums such as a primary candidate kickoff, candidate training and the spring Elect Our Judges dinner, which raised, $6,000?

Who spearheaded more enlightening and profitable dinners like the Fall Liberty and Lincoln Day dinners?

Who conducted at least three additional forums for local Republican Primary candidates to help them develop their platforms?

Who replied to phone messages at all hours and eagerly made her phone number available?

Lois Kaneshiki, that’s who.

Suzanne K. Johnson