Prosecution of cases doesn’t seem equal

William Higgins, former Bedford County District Attorney, charged with “unconscionable crimes” by Attorney General Josh Shapiro is allowed to plea bargain a deal with no jail time or felonies.

He is released on $50,000 unsecured bond, and he may lose his license.

I would hope this means his law license.

Matthew Starr, charged with a laundry list of theft charges, is required to wear an ankle monitor and facing 10 felony and two misdemeanor counts. He is prohibited from carrying a gun and released on $250,000 unsecured bail.

Why it is a bigger crime with harsher penalties to steal money than to make deals with drug dealers, expose law enforcement officers and confidential sources to potential harm, give out favorable deals to criminals and make a travesty of the legal system?

Could it be that Higgins was a district attorney and Starr was only a policeman?

There’s an old saying: Everyone is equal; some are just more equal than others.

So it would appear in today’s justice system.

Jan Kinney