New Altoona building ‘absolutely not needed’

This letter is being written in two parts in reference of the subject matter to accurately cover what is needed to be stated.

First, to leave the taxpayers of the Altoona Area School District know they are getting a huge shafting in the building of a new high school that is absolutely not needed.

What is needed and needed only is a new educational building being built on the site that is being torn up, which was the intramural field. The educational building would be built the length and the width of the field two stories with a finished basement for Larry Detwiler’s musical program.

Second, the project architects from Pittsburgh should know the square footage of the B building interior and the square footage that is needed for the new building in being able to bring from the junior high the curriculum that the school district needs to expand.

The combination of the square footage of the two buildings will facilitate what is needed now and in the future.

The connecting link between the two buildings is an elevated crosswalk across Sixth Avenue.

The intramural field could be built at the former Keith Junior High School football practice field that is still owned by the district.

David R. Clapper


Blair County Heritage Inc.