Mirror should remove its Opinion page

After reading the Mirror’s view, “Sad day for the free press,” I was unable to follow how you somehow connected the tragedy at the Capital Gazette with attacks on the free press.

The perpetrator was an evil deranged man with a personal vendetta. It was a scene that could have, and has, played out at many places of employment.

As usual, halfway through the article, President Donald Trump becomes the blame, as if there is no truth to the case that can be made that 80 percent of the mainstream media is liberal, 50 percent of the 24/7 stream of so-called news is merely opinion and another 25 percent is either not factual (fake), slanted, spun or exaggerated.

If the Mirror truly claims to be a service to the community and an enemy of disinformation and ignorance, then why not do away with the Opinion page? I, for one, do not race to flip open my newspaper to get to your opinion. I read the Mirror for its excellent coverage of local news, sports and weather.

I would also caution you that recently I have noticed an increase in left-leaning views and political cartoons on the opinion page. Demographics should show you that the largest portion of readers in your circulation region are conservative.

In a time when printed news is sadly going the way of the dinosaur, you may want to rethink just how political you want to become.

Mike Sinisi