Letters to the Editor

Trump not to blame

for kids’ separation

This is in response to Elizabeth Shade’s recent letter.

If I had small children and committed a crime, I would be incarcerated and separated from my children. I have empathy for the children in this case, but let’s lay the blame where it belongs.

The parents brought these children across our borders knowing full well that it was illegal. What part of “illegal” doesn’t Shade understand?

President Donald Trump is not responsible for the actions of these adults who didn’t abide by the laws of our land. And as for our president, Shade started bashing him two weeks after he took office. The man didn’t even have time to unpack his suitcase when she started writing her hate letters.

Memo: There’s a new sheriff in town. Shade’s candidate lost and she has to accept it. I didn’t want the previous president in office, but when he was elected, I respected the office and therefore that president.

It’s people like Shade that are tearing this country apart. I pray for President Trump and this country every night.

I have now added Elizabeth Shade to my prayer list.

Barbara Black


More TV coverage

wanted on first family

Someone said they would like to see more personal stuff coming out of the White House, things like what the family does together.

I would love to see it also, but when they go out in public, no one has a good thing to say about them, and even their child gets death threats. The person who wrote the article let it be known it is because Donald Trump is president.

Anyone who watches Fox News is criticized, but they do show nicer things about what goes on in the White House, instead of just constantly downgrading our president and his family.

And they have been shown going to church and memorials.

People keep saying we should respect each other’s opinions, and I agree, but if you disagree with most people, all you hear is you’re horrible because you voted for Trump.

Even at Christmas, their decorations were criticized.

Margaret Gauntner