Iran got $2 billion; US received nothing

According to senior cleric in the Iranian Parliament, President Barack Obama and his administration traded U.S. citizenship for at least 2,500 Iranians in the middle of the negotiations over the nuclear agreement.

According to Iran’s Etemad Newspaper, Obama offered this as a favor to members of President Hassan Rouhani, and his top officials and competition actually erupted inside the administration as aides, staffers and other officials jostled to make sure their children would benefit from the trade-off, in as, their children would be getting an education and other entitlement benefits in the United States.

There seems to have been “no low too low” for Obama to stoop for the Iranian deal delivering — $2 billion in cash on an overnight flight to Tehran.

This will tarnish Obama’s and his Secretary of State, John Kerry’s legacies with accusations of bribery, quid pro quo and under the table dealings with a hostile nation.

Obama gave away the farm, as if America had somehow lost a war with Iran and had to surrender everything on the table.

Plus the fact that Iran got to keep running nuclear plants, which will eventually lead to the creation of nuclear weapons.

What did America get? Nothing in return. Stupidest deal ever.

Roxine Copp